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Blind mountain

installation 2021

A narrative device has been fashioned to delve into the relationship between time and an enigmatic reality. Utilizing dream sequences, the contemplation of the psychological distinction between gain and loss is explored by simulating the states of bondage and freedom. Concurrently, the emotions of individuals are scrutinized in a time and space that cannot be undone.

"An unfinished mountain. "

I often dream. I dream of strange places and people. In the past, it was always said that after death, people need to cross Huangquan Mountain (In native Chinese culture, it refers to the place where a person goes after death) to get reincarnation. When my grandmother passed away, I was not by her side. I often had the same dream in which I wanted to cross Huangquan Mountain to see my grandmother behind the mountain, but I could never climb over this mountain. And I never saw her in my dreams.
This makes me think: Why, in my dreams, can I never climb that mountain to see my grandmother? What is on the other side of the mountain?


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