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The Human Form
Video installation Collaborative project June 2019
White sand, projection, Unity, inflatable cushions

This work is a video installation that questions the question of human existence by building an installation space where the virtual and the real interact. The aim of the work is to investigate whether our bodies are real or imagined, or whether the body that can be perceived is itself one with the external world it feels.
The inspiration for the work comes from Baudelaire's introduction to the 'Fluxus': the poet sees the unity of the universe in his various senses, which are only sensible responses to the universe. By assembling images of human skeletons in disorderly motion with the soft tactile experience of symbols - white sand - the objects become loaders of abstract meaning, thus allowing the viewer to understand a deeper spiritual reality in a trans-medial space. As hard technology begins to diminish our intuitive impressions of the world, it is time to return to the point of origin to hear, see and feel the unity between ourselves and the world. The viewer is allowed to step into the inorganic entities of sand to feel their organic presence, and to collide in the environment with other consciousnesses that co-exist in space from nowhere. Through the process of the viewer stepping into space like a cloud, it is intended to convey that we may not be actual beings with the ability to perceive, but rather, like every material thing in the environment, are merely aggregations of consciousnesses, mere "people" that have merged in the mind's eye to create the form seen by the naked eye.

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